Brevard Community College

Brevard Community College Campus Expansion - Library Science Building - Palm Bay, Florida

This 87,000 sq ft challenging and unique 8.8 million dollar project is an expansion of the Brevard Community College, in Palm Bay located adjacent to I-95. It was a fairly complex and challenging project for it's size and scope.


The three-story building is stabilized by augured pilings and constructed of precast concrete beams set into cast-in-place columns and reinforced beams. Aluminum curtainwalls and cantilevered balconies offered unique challenges in building construction. Lab areas include the latest technological equipment and required careful coordination of mechanical and electrical systems. The exterior has an applied insulated finish system with accent coloring and trim. Ground floor has patterned exposed concrete patio areas.


Interior construction is metal stud and drywall with extensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, security/firealarm and elevator systems. Third floor chemistry and biology labs included such specialized items as fume hoods, acid storage cabinets and glass piping for chemical wastes and vent lines. The state of the art computerized communication system links the third floor laboratories and the library with the rest of the campus as well as BCC's other campuses.


Architect: Stottler Stagg & Associates

Customer: Board of Trustees of BCC

Completed: May 2001

Position: Project Manager for W&J Construction- General Contractors

Construction Sequence Movie (5 sec per frame):








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