Brevard Courthouse

Brevard County Courthouse Expansion

Located at: 2725 Judge Fran Jamison
Viera, Florida

W&J added 4 new Courtrooms to existing Courthouse
60,000 sq ft of new construction

The project provides for two finished floors consisting of four new Courtrooms, Clerks office, Hearing and Deliberation rooms, Court Administration areas, and Witness Conference rooms. The Surveillance System includes Courtroom audio and video, as well as, the Security System providing Access Control and Duress signaling. The expansion shall tie in to the existing chilled water system for heating and air conditioning. The bottom two floors remain unfinished for future office space.
Contract Amount: $7,200,000
Completion: January 2004
Owner: Brevard County
Position: Project Superintendent


After Completion

Before Completion

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