Space Coast Middle School

The Space Coast Middle School- Brevard County, Port St. John, Florida

This 223,000 square foot EEE  prototype Junior High School is located in Port St John's in Brevard County. The school includes a Gymnasium, state of the art Science Labs, Photo Labs and Computer Labs.

The 4 buildings which make up the campus have balconies which surround the central courtyard.  The mechanical and electrical system controls incorporate many automatic functions to reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase energy efficiency.

This 16 million dollar project is a beautiful facility and was built on time and under budget. It will be a landmark building for Brevard County School Systems for years to come.

Architect:  Fanning Howey

Customer:  School Board of Brevard County

Completed:  June 1995

Position:  Masonry & Drywall Superintendent for W&J Construction- General Contractor

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